The Membership

Tried it ALL to lose weight but can’t seem to keep it off or stick to the plan? It’s either unsustainable or unenjoyable so you fall "off track" and end up right back where you started?

Or maybe you've been soaking up all of the information out there on the internet, trying to piece it all together yourself and you feel overwhelmed and stuck wondering if your body is broken or if weight loss is even possible for you. You just want weight loss to feel simple - a clear plan to follow that doesn't make you feel deprived and actually gets you fat loss results that last. You're tired of doing it alone and over trying to figure it out yourself.

here's the truth - you CAN
lose the weight and you don't have to do it alone.

The fat loss membership program designed for women who are done wasting time trying to figure out fat loss alone, that want to be shown the exact steps to take to start shedding the weight now and that are here to embrace their journey, reclaim their best selves, and achieve lasting results through a balanced approach.

balanced babe academy

join us in the...

Balanced Babe Academy Works

You'll get started with our 21-Day Tap Into Transformation program where you'll learn the foundations for fat loss - our proven framework for flexible, fun, and lasting success

You'll use the resources, like our customizable Progress & Habit Tracker to make sure you're seeing the results you want & adjust as you go through your journey

You'll have community support, daily & weekly accountability threads, Hilary's private podcast, and access to Challenges to keep you focused, engaged, & motivated towards your goals

i can help because i've been there

10 years ago I was a new mom overwhelmed at the thought of losing 100 pounds & unsure where to even begin

I was a foodie who just was NOT willing to give up pizza, chocolate, or my occasional dinner out with wine. I wanted to feel excited about losing weight and enjoy my life at the same time.

I created my own framework for a balanced diet, lost 100 pounds, & totally transformed my life. Then I coached my 60 year old mom through it and she lost 110 pounds.

& now we help women do the exact same

Here’s What You Need

a simple framework

The formula for fat loss is actually really simple. Creating a balanced diet that is individualized so you're eating the foods you actually like that works even when you're booked & busy.

that teaches you to eat for life

The #1 mistake with weight loss plans? They only to teach you how to eat while you're losing the weight. Our framework teaches you to eat for life for LASTING results so you lose weight for life.

and transforms your mindset & your life

Transforming your body is more than just shedding pounds - it's about a total transformation of your life! Rewire your mindset & revolutionize your habits for GOOD!

Member Highlights

Lilly, down 30 & balanced!

"Committing to a challenge and then having the accountability of the BBH community that made the difference for me that has helped me lose 30 pounds rather than losing and gaining the same 5-10 pounds I had been before"

Allison, fit at 40!

"In Hilary’s program, after losing 20 lbs, and about 9 inches overall, I’ve been able to maintain this LIFESTYLE using the healthy habits of her program daily. It has truly changed my life!"

Katie, down 30 feeling confident

"I had convinced myself my metabolism was shot and that this was just how I was going to feel and look forever as a result of pregnancies and age. I am so relieved to say I was wrong!"

what's the deal with

For the woman who wants to truly commit to her goals inside of the Academy, choosing Quarterly and Bi-Annual membership gets you a solid savings, access to exclusive trainings (like our highly sought after Weekend Weight Loss Training!), a monthly office hours group call with Hilary to get your questions answered and expert guidance, and a food log audit for a FAST start (bi-annual only). More perks, more support = the best results possible!

Academy Plus+

And you don't have to wait to get started. You can jump in, begin your 21-Day Tap Into Transformation, and start seeing results right away!

BBA truly has it all -
the jump-start program, the resources,
the support

Everything you need!

"You can buy someone’s macro count/meal plan anywhere but the community and accountability that comes with being a part of the BBH community is what makes this program different! I love it. I’ll never stop being grateful I decided to start!!"

- lilly g., academy member

sara Got her whole life in order again

“I didn’t think it would be worth it. It was. I didn’t think it would work for me. It did. I didn’t think I’d be *that* success story. I am.”

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shaina finally had some free time again

“Working with Blaire was one of the best decisions I've made in my business. It's literally been game-changing.”

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Who is this for?

Women who want community support in their transformation journey


women who have tried all the fad diets and are ready for lasting change

women who actually want to learn how to eat for weight loss and life

women who are self-starters and will use amazing resources to change their life

Common Qs


Balanced Babe Academy is a month-to-month membership that you can cancel at any time. Read Terms & Conditions at checkout.

what if i need coaching support?

Balanced Babe Academy is a community-focused membership with access to our 21-Day program to help you learn our framework and TONS of supportive resources! If you're looking for coaching with Hilary, check out Ten Week Transformation.

are there live calls in this program?

We offer Academy PLUS+ for women who are ready to commit to their goals for the long-haul inside of our Membership! By choosing a Quarterly or Bi-Annual plan, you get access to exclusive bonus trainings and a monthly office hours group Q&A call with Hilary. See details at checkout!

Inside of BBA

You Get:

+ our 21-day tap into transformation fat loss program

+ community with accountability

+ recipes & workouts

ready to make it all happen?

join here

+ access to challenges

+ on-going support on your journey!

+ resource library

"The efficacy I feel with this program is incredible. For the first time, I feel like I’ve found a program where I can see an independent, sustainable, and healthy future. Everything just makes so much sense. I feel like there’s no “on track” or “off track” but rather this is how I want to live now."

ready to do this?

We would love to have you

We know you'll love BBA and we can't wait to welcome you! Let's get to work on your goals in a supportive environment where you'll be unstoppable!

i'm ready

"If you join the academy and make a habit of posting you get a group of women with similar goals going through the same thing you are to celebrate your successes with you and catch you if you slip! That accountability has been the “Angel on my shoulder” when I am feeling tempted to go completely off the rails at an event or weekend or just generally feeling unmotivated. I know I would not be where I am now in my weight loss journey if it were not for this program and the community that comes with it specifically."

What kind of support do I get inside of the Community?

It is open 24/7 for our members to chat and support each other! You'll love the support you feel!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a medical issue or an eating disorder?

We do not recommend this program is you are currently struggling with ED. Consult with Dr before beginning any diet or exercise program. We do not address medical issues of ANY kind in this program.

Am I guaranteed weight loss results if I join this program?

No program can guarantee weight loss - including ours! Our framework is proven by thousands, but YOU have to put in the work! We can guarantee you'll learn exactly what is needed to lose the weight!

When is the monthly call for the Academy PLUS+ subscription?

Office hours call schedule varies month to month. If you cannot attend the call, you will submit your questions ahead, Hilary will answer, & tag you with a timestamp in the replay where your question was answered. Replays for all calls are available.

Are there other program options available?

Ten Week Transformation is our signature and one & only coaching program where you get high-level direct access to us and our entire framework! If interested in coaching with us, please apply!

What if I don't want to complete the program? Can I get a refund or stop payment?

Due to immediate access to high-value goods, we do not offer refunds. You are free to cancel membership at any time, but will not receive a refund for any time not used. This is a subscription program and it is your responsibility to cancel or reach out before your next billing. Refunds will not be given for not cancelling ahead. Directions for cancellation are given upon joining. See our Terms & Conditions.

If I have founding member pricing, does it apply to quarterly & bi-annual options?

Academy PLUS+ Quarterly & Bi-Annual Pricing and the bonuses associated are a new offering and apply to our most current membership pricing only. You may opt in and will be subject to the current pricing.