Hi there! I’m Hilary, a fat loss coach for women who LOVES her job.

Enneagram 3, mom to two... I love a good brunch, BIG football fan and I swear I should have been born in a Florida beach town.


I was a brand new mom who gained a lot of weight in her pregnancy. I had NO idea where to start, what to do and I was lost.

One thing I knew for sure - I didn't want to diet the way I had seen my mom do it. Constant off and on fad diets, every week a new one. I saw friends losing weight but they were cutting out entire food groups and downright miserable. I wanted to lose the weight and I wanted my results to LAST. Therefore, I knew I had to find a way that wasn't just a short-term quick fix, but a true lifestyle change. Enter: macro counting. I lost 100 pounds still eating pizza and wine, enjoying my journey. and truly feeling balanced. I completed my Nutrition and Psychology degrees while I built my own business from the ground up - coaching women all over the world through their weight loss - teaching them my framework for balanced eating, habit building, and transforming their mindset! 8+ years later and thousands of clients later - I love this job more than EVER!

Yep, that's MY before
& after!

The best part of my story - remember my mom who was fad diet-obsessed? I got her on board at 62 years old (my first client!) and she lost 110 pounds using the same methods!

After years of illness, medications, surgeries, and a sedentary life of sitting on the couch eating fast food, my mom, Bridget, had a serious medical scare. Her diverticulitis had gotten out of control and surgery to remove multiple inches of colon was the only answer. Her doctor warned her if she didn't make a serious lifestyle change, she'd be back soon with even more surgery until there was nothing left. This, combined with a fear of not being around for her grandchildren, pushed her to take action. She turned to me to coach her through her diet changes. Paired with exercise (walking first, then moving to strength training with a personal trainer) got her off ALL medications, down 110 pounds, and excited for her future instead of afraid of what was to come! Now she works alongside me, coaching women through the same journey we both went through. When we say we are coaches who have been there - we mean it.

Think you can't turn your life around at 50 or 60+?! Think again!


Hilary is the founder of Balance by Hilary.  She hopes to be known for teaching women how to feel empowered in their food choices by creating a balanced diet. She believes every woman deserves to look and feel HER absolute best.




My #1 goal was to feel confident in a crop top & now I practically live in them!


I think Nutella is overrated. I mean, it's okay - but I really don't get the hype. #sorryfans


I live for some good reality TV - Beverly Hills Housewives is my fave guilty pleasure.


I still rock skinny jeans and side part my hair and use the cry-laugh emoji. Sorry Gen-Z.

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Warm Chocolate Croissant

celeb i'd love to meet

Blake Lively or Eminem (LOL!)

Guilty pleasure

Real Housewives

alternate universe job:

College football side-line reporter

favorite place i've been:

Florida Beaches are my weakness

drink of choice

Coffee with cream or a bubbly champs!

can't live without

My Stanley cup...I know, cliche

usually craving

A wedge salad or a big brunch

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby

favorite show to binge

Lake or Beach Front Bargain Hunt

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