Terms & Conditions

by making payment to balance by hilary, you are agreeing to these terms & conditions:

  • Because of the digital nature of our programs and products and immediate access to some materials, there are NO refunds
  • Please e-mail with any questions before purchasing a program or course
  • Balanced Babe Academy Membership can be cancelled at any time, directions are found by logging into the platform from your browser and visiting the Welcome - My Membership space
  • By entering into a payment plan for our programs and products, you are obligated to pay the entirety of the payment plan. Defaulted payments due to "Insufficient Funds" "Stop Payment" "Account Closed" or any other reason will cause the payment plan to become delinquent and thereafter placed in a collection status which may include referral to a collection agency.
  • Refunds and payment cancellation will not be given for live programs, such as our Coaching, except in the case of extreme and dire circumstances
  • Program participation will not be paused, except in the case of extreme and dire circumstances

By signing up for & purchasing any Balance by Hilary program, product, goods, or service, I acknowledge and accept the following:
  • My participation in this program is voluntary.
  • I will not hold Prep & Pep, LLC responsible for any illness, injury, allergic reaction, or lack of results while participating in this program.
  • I understand Hilary Downey is NOT a registered dietitian. This program will NOT dispense any medical advice. It is intended solely for educational purposes.
  • I understand that Macro Counts are NOT nutrition prescriptions and that they are based on general guidelines and given within a range.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to consult with my doctor before beginning any exercise or diet program.
  • I understand that results in this program will vary and weight loss results cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances
  • I understand that there are NO refunds; however, I understand that I am free to discontinue this program at any time should I choose to do so.
  • I understand that if I am having difficulty cancelling my subscription I must email and that the expected turnaround time for a response is 2-3 business days, therefore it is my responsibility to email in advance of my next charge and refunds will not be given for failing to cancel before next charge

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