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It's All About Balance

Escape the cycle of extreme dieting once and for all! Here I share the proven methods I used to shed 100 pounds and that my clients use, guiding you to find freedom in your diet and exercise routine. Transforming your body and life is so much more than what you eat and your workouts - we dig deep into your mindset so that you can tap into the version of yourself you dream of becoming!







Ready to Level Up Your Diet,
Body, Mind, & Life?

Get insider tips on our simple framework for fat loss without giving up pizza, cookies, or wine. Discover exactly what to do and the mindset shifts to make for a confident body and balanced life!

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Enneagram 3, mom, football fanatic, & lover of all things brunch. 

About your host

I’m Hilary, your new best friend and hype-girl!

I was once in your shoes - overwhelmed by all of the diet info out there, unsure who to trust or which one was right for me. Ultimately, I found what worked and lost 100 pounds and completely transformed my life. Now I teach women how to change their life too - it is a literal dream!

it's all about balance

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Get Inspired and Have Fun Doing It

You can tune into my podcast every single Monday morning for a fresh dose of inspiration, pep talks, & honestly...just fun. Yes, weight loss IS fun around here!

Listening to her podcast is like having my own best friend & accountability partner."

— jill d., apple podcast review

Hilary is motivational and not willing to help me justify my excuses. Love the no nonsense, real food, real talk, and hard work she promotes.

— kelly d., apple podcast review

Hilary has helped me lose 40 pounds in 2023 thanks to her guidance and helpful tips. She truly does walk beside you through your journey.

— lacey, apple podcast review


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