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Recipe: Garden Veggie🥒🍅 Dijon Pasta Salad

I mean, does this picture make you want to dive right in (to the water AND the plate?) or what! It’s officially…almost…lake and pool season here in Arkansas and I am determined to feel absolutely amazing this summer. I for one have been guilty in the past of letting summer be a free-for-all where I […]

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Jen was a classic yo-yo and fad dieter who had given up on dieting and life in general! Her way of coping with a stressful marriage was to overindulge in food and alcohol. She thought if she kept it together fairly well during the week, her unhealthy lifestyle would be balanced out. She realized that […]

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Time to talk supplements! If you’re a woman looking to lose body fat and you’ve been curious (or even confused) about supplements, check out my podcast episode where I break down the most popular supplements and give you insight into if these supplements are worth your money, especially when it comes to changing your body […]

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