Just want macros?

I've got you, girl!

Let's dip our toe in the pool and get you warmed up to macros with a personalized macro count and our Quick-Guide for Macros!

Overwhelmed and frustrated by online calculators and apps giving you different calorie and macro numbers?

Let a professional help! I will calculate them accurately so you can kick off your macro counting journey on the right track!



what you get:

Your Macros

Document containing your custom macros, calculated using professional equations & the most up-to-date research

Hilary's Quick-Guide
on Macros

A brief overview of macros, how to get started counting them, key points on protein, carbs, & fats, & tips for best practices so you can have success with your macros!

Printable Meal Planner & Blank Grocery List Sheets

Get started creating your meal plan for the week so you're prepared and ready to go with meal planning!


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