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Jen M: Stress and Poor Choices Were Making Her Life Miserable

May 20, 2024

Jen was a classic yo-yo and fad dieter who had given up on dieting and life in general! Her way of coping with a stressful marriage was to overindulge in food and alcohol. She thought if she kept it together fairly well during the week, her unhealthy lifestyle would be balanced out. She realized that wasn’t working and pulled it together!

We love sharing inspiring women from our Balance by Hilary Community on #motivationmonday and Jen’s story of courage and determination is one of those stories! Jen is one of the women who deserves to be celebrated. A personal friend of ours, we have watched Jen transform her life and we are amazed and proud for her. We couldn’t wait to introduce you to Jen. We think you’ll find her story as inspirational as we do.

In Jen’s own words: “I was a classic yo-yo and fad dieter. Until I gave up on dieting altogether because it never stuck. I drank alcohol excessively to help me cope with a stressful marriage, and, as a result of overindulging in drink, I also overindulged in food. Fatty foods. Fried foods. Not-good-for-my-health-in-any-way foods. Or, I’d moderate well during the week and throw all self-discipline out the window on the weekends thinking the good eating during the week would balance out my weekend indulgences. It never did.”

Jen joined our program to learn true moderation and balance.

“I know Hilary and Bridget personally and have seen them eating the foods they love without making any foods off limit. Watching them eat their favorite foods mindfully and intentionally while losing weight, exercising, and feeling and looking wonderful showed me that I also can lose weight without restricting myself or making myself miserable.”

Habits & mindset changes she’s had since joining BBH:

  • how she plans and preps her meals
  • how she chooses her foods in restaurants (a busy attorney, she often eats out whether it’s takeout at her desk or on the way home after a long day)
  • appreciating that she can eat ANY food; nothing is off-limits
  • adding volume veggies to her meals
  • becoming aware of portion size
  • eating in situations where she isn’t in control of the menu or how foods are prepared
  • reducing negative self-talk
  • changing her mindset from one of “a failure’s attitude to a winner’s attitude”
  • tossed her large clothing because she is NOT going that direction
  • believing she can lose weight in a balanced, fulfilling way because it is actually happening for her!

When it comes to physical progress, she’s killing that too!

  • lost over 40 pounds
  • lost 15″ (over 5″ in her hips and over 4″ in her chest)
  • down in clothing sizes
  • shopping in her own closet because she can now wear those smaller sizes she has
  • changing her body composition
  • best of all: “I’m stronger and healthier in all the right areas: my mind, my body, and my soul”

We asked Jen what motivates her to keep going and what is she most proud of and here’s what she said:

“I’m most proud of believing in myself. Believing that I can do it. And believing that I am doing it. Honestly, seeing Bridget’s and Hilary’s own dedication to themselves and prioritizing their own health is a huge motivator. They are perfect examples of how the hard work pays off while showing how fun and rewarding the hard work can be! My “why” for making these changes is me. I want to be a fit, healthy, and active person as I continue to grow older. I want to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life instead of wishing I was living that kind of life. I want to be the best version of myself that I can be.”

Goals for herself going forward are being even more diligent and intentional with her meal planning and macro counting. She wants to tighten up her “discipline belt buckle” more so she has to literally tighten her pants belt buckles as she loses even more weight and becomes her healthiest self.

Jen – you are amazing! We are so proud of your for your determination to be the best version of yourself EVER! We celebrate YOU and all that you have accomplished!

This could be you…whether are are 20, 30, 40, 50 or beyond! Are you ready to be one of our before and after stories? Are you ready to embrace a healthy, balanced way of eating and ditch unhealthy choices like Jen? Let us walk beside you and show you how! What are you waiting for? Your time is now! Join us and let’s do this together.

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